Financial Wisdom from Will Rogers + Mailbag Questions

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Today’s Wisdom:

Will Rogers left behind a legacy of comedy and wisdom that is still applicable today in the financial world. We’ll take three of his most popular quotes and apply them to retirement planning in the 21st century. Plus, we answer mailbag questions about early retirement, mutual funds with high returns, and how involved your spouse should be in planning.

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What You’ll Learn:

Someone once said a smart person learns from their mistakes but a genius learns from other people’s mistakes. We’ll take that same idea, twist it a little, and apply it to today’s episode of The Money Wisdom Podcast.

Will Rogers used to be one of the great entertainers in our country and connected with people through humor and philosophy. You might even recognize many of his quotes more than 100 years later. We take three of his best and apply them to financial planning in the 21st century. It’s incredible how relevant his words continue to be and we’ll try to pay them justice.

We also open up the mailbag on today’s show and take three great questions that many people can relate to. The first deals with an early retirement offer and what you need to consider before making that decision. Next, a listener heard about mutual funds that return 12% consistently and wants to know where to find them. Lastly, we answer a question about how involved a spouse should be in planning if they don’t have any interest.

Here’s a full list of the main topics on this episode of The Money Wisdom podcast (Just click on the timestamp to jump to the specific clip):

[0:58] – Mailbag question: Maureen is getting an early retirement offer. What does she need to consider when deciding whether or not to take it?

[2:46] – Seven questions you need to answer right away.  

[4:21] – A common scenario we see with clients in this same position.

[6:35] – Mailbag question: Where can I find mutual funds with 12% returns like I hear about?   

[8:14] – Mailbag question: Should my spouse be involved in retirement planning and selecting a financial advisor? She’s not interested in it but I feel she should be a part of the process.

[12:12] – Quote 1 from Will Rogers and how it relates to finance today.

[15:10] – Quote 2 from Will Rogers and how it relates to finance today.

[17:32] – Quote 3 from Will Rogers and how it relates to finance today.

Final Thoughts:

“Protection of principal, especially when you get within about 5 or 10 years of retirement, is absolutely key.”

– Joel Johnson, Money Wisdom Podcast

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