In The Media

Johnson Brunetti specializes in retirement and investment planning. In addition, to our sponsored segments, Better Money on WFSB, Better Money Boston on WCVB and Money Wisdom on WTNH, we are often asked to appear on local TV and radio stations to discuss current topics and trends in the financial arena. Here are some of our more recent media spotlights:

The 3 Components of an Estate Plan

Joel Johnson, CFP® talks about the importance of having an estate plan prepared in retirement. Here are 3 essential components you’ll want to include.

Where Do I Retire?

Many people want to relocate to somewhere warm when they retire, but here are some things to consider first. Joel Johnson, CFP® talks about relocating in retirement.

Retirement Trends 2021

On WCVB5 Better Money Boston, Joel Johnson, CFP® talks about 2021 retirement trends and the changing attitude toward retirement.

Lump Sum Pension Decision

In this Better Money Rhode Island segment, Joel Johnson, CFP® discusses the pros and cons of a lump sum pension payment and what you need to consider before you decide.

Early Retirement FAQs

On WCVB5’s Better Money Boston, Joel Johnson, CFP® discusses some frequently asked questions about early retirement.