Why Work With a Financial Advisor?

Talking with a financial advisor can be beneficial at any stage of adult life, but it’s particularly helpful in the years leading up to retirement and during retirement. At this age, clients have similar concerns: The majority of them want to discuss the adequacy of their savings and their options for retirement income.

Here’s a short list of the needs and worries we address repeatedly here at Johnson Brunetti. Perhaps they sound familiar to you:

1. I’m worried about running out of money in retirement.

If this is your concern, you’re not alone. This tops the list of worries our retired and pre-retired have. Many of them have been saving for decades but don’t know whether they’ve accumulated all the money necessary to support a long retirement and generate income for a lifetime.

2. I need help building a retirement income strategy.

If you have several retirement accounts, including taxable brokerage accounts, 401(k)s and/or traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs, you may be wondering which of these to draw on and which to preserve for your heirs. You may also want advice on a strategy for drawing down accounts in a sequence that maximizes growth and minimizes taxes.

3. I need help choosing investments.

Building a proper investment portfolio can be challenging, particularly if you view investment selection as an end in itself and not a means to an end. We’ll help you see investments differently—as tools for executing a chosen retirement savings or income strategy—and simplify the process of assembling a portfolio.

4. I want to be more confident of my financial future.

How do you define stress? Is it the feeling you get when you have to make financial decisions that may determine your retirement lifestyle? Talking with an advisor is a confidence builder. Clients who’ve relied on financial software programs for years tell us they feel more secure and less anxious after speaking with someone who is both a financial expert and a good listener.

If you share any of these concerns, consider working with a financial advisor. And if you’re hesitant, please remember that we’re here to help people, not judge them. You don’t have to be wealthy or in the best financial shape to become a client. If you’d like to learn more without committing to a relationship, take advantage of offers for complimentary consultations or free seminars. You’re bound to pick up some useful financial tips.