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About Us

Johnson Brunetti is an independent Retirement and Investment Specialty firm, built on the foundations of integrity, trustworthiness and creating a sense of confidence for our clients as they approach their retirement years.

Founded in 2003

Founded in 2003, the firm has grown to a staff of about 45. Joel Johnson, CFP®, and our team of experienced professionals have successfully helped and guided over 5,000 families through the retirement planning process.

Our Advisors
  • Joel Johnson, CFP®

    Joel Johnson, CFP®

    Managing Partner
  • Eric Hogarth, CFP®

    Eric Hogarth, CFP®

    Senior Partner
  • Heath Grossman, CFP®

    Heath Grossman, CFP®

  • Heather Atkins, CFP®, CRPC®

    Heather Atkins, CFP®, CRPC®

    Financial Advisor
  • Marlin Breard, CFP®, RICP®

    Marlin Breard, CFP®, RICP®

    Financial Advisor
  • Nicholas J. Colantuono, CFP®

    Nicholas J. Colantuono, CFP®

    Financial Advisor
  • Jake Doser, CFP®, CPWA®

    Jake Doser, CFP®, CPWA®

    Financial Advisor
  • Alex Hubbard, RICP®

    Alex Hubbard, RICP®

    Financial Advisor
  • Jennifer Killilea

    Jennifer Killilea

    Financial Advisor
  • Brett Larocque, RICP®

    Brett Larocque, RICP®

    Financial Advisor
  • Michael Locke

    Michael Locke

    Financial Advisor
  • Doug Miller

    Doug Miller

    Financial Advisor
  • Matt Pastor, RICP®

    Matt Pastor, RICP®

    Financial Advisor
  • Ray Radikas

    Ray Radikas

    Financial Advisor
  • Sjaun Sanderson

    Sjaun Sanderson

    Financial Advisor
  • Matt Scott

    Matt Scott

    Financial Advisor
  • David Shapiro

    David Shapiro

    Financial Advisor
  • Maxwell Miller

    Maxwell Miller

    Associate Financial Advisor
    Our Team
    • Laurie Tobias

      Laurie Tobias

      Chief Marketing Officer & Employee Engagement
    • Karen Purslow, CPA

      Karen Purslow, CPA

    • Kevin Crawford

      Kevin Crawford

      Chief Compliance Officer
    • Ian Fergusson

      Ian Fergusson

      Client Relationship Coordinator
    • Max Gordon

      Max Gordon

      Client Relationship Coordinator
    • Marisol Handren

      Marisol Handren

      Client Relationship Coordinator
    • Robin Lentz

      Robin Lentz

      Client Relationship Manager
    • Brendan Stafstrom

      Brendan Stafstrom

      Client Relationship Coordinator
    • Margaret Aguirre

      Margaret Aguirre

      Client Service Specialist
    • Gabriella Muraca

      Gabriella Muraca

      Client Service Specialist
    • Nick Miller

      Nick Miller

      Client Service Specialist
    • Jeff Woodcock

      Jeff Woodcock

      Client Service Specialist
    • Linda Walter

      Linda Walter

      Client Service Specialist
    • Chandler Colberg

      Chandler Colberg

      Client Service Specialist
    • Jeff Sobon

      Jeff Sobon

      Senior Client Service Specialist
    • Barbie Rodrigue

      Barbie Rodrigue

      Client Services Specialist
    • Diana Levsky

      Diana Levsky

      Director of Business Development & Retention
    • Caleb Ennin

      Caleb Ennin

      Financial Planning and Advisor Support Specialist
    • Tanner Debowsky

      Tanner Debowsky

      Manager of Investment Planning & Operations
    • Christine Hurley

      Christine Hurley

      Marketing Coordinator
    • Annie O’Rourke

      Annie O’Rourke

      Director of Digital Marketing
    • Madeline Cano

      Madeline Cano

      Marketing Events Manager
    • Michele Matera

      Michele Matera

      Marketing Administrator
    • Lorain Tenore

      Lorain Tenore

      Workshop Event Manager
    • Mikaela Parlapiano

      Mikaela Parlapiano

      Digital Marketing Coordinator
    • Doug Horn

      Doug Horn

      Digital Marketing Specialist
    • Liz Stefanski

      Liz Stefanski

      Marketing Events Coordinator
    • Shane Sullivan

      Shane Sullivan

      Accounting Manager
    • Daniela (Dani) Cantamessa

      Daniela (Dani) Cantamessa

      Director of First Impressions
    • Linda Kaider

      Linda Kaider

      Lead Director of First Impressions

      At Johnson Brunetti, We Celebrate our Clients!

      We take pride in building relationships with our clients. Showing our appreciation towards our clients is a top priority. We enjoy getting to know each client and are committed to the financial success and confidence of each and every client we serve.
      We host many special events for our clients throughout the year, such as new client mixers, client loyalty events, and client educational events. At Johnson Brunetti we enjoy celebrating our clients!
      • Client 1
      • Client 2
      • Client 3
      • Client 4
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