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Created: March 18, 2024
Modified: May 14, 2024

Have You Received an Invitation to a Financial Workshop?

Today’s question is: what should I expect from a financial workshop?

Our educational workshops are best suited for first time attendees, or those who have not yet met with us.

Maybe you’re somebody who’s approaching or has recently retired, and you received an invitation from us to come out to a workshop. Often times, those are hosted around a dinner table at a local restaurant or maybe they’re just exclusively educational in nature. Either way, people are often curious about what to expect. What are we going to be talking about?

What to Expect

It’s an event where you’re not going to feel pressure. You won’t come out and hear us position some sort of Magic Bullet investment product that solves all your problems. As fiduciaries, Johnson Brunetti’s obligation is to understand a person’s situation before giving specific investment advice. That workshop, in contrast, is about what you want to talk about.

Reasons to Attend a Workshop

Normally, something brings somebody out for an event like that and it’s often centered around the thought, “Am I going to be okay in retirement?” Obviously, that statement is a large overarching statement, but there are specifics and those are the themes that live inside of that question of, “What is my retirement going to look like? Am I going to run out of money? When should I retire? What are taxes in retirement going to be?” And the list goes on.

Join a Real Conversation

So, at that event, what you’ll find is an opportunity to ask questions and engage in a conversation with other folks who are in a similar stage of life as you, wanting to understand how to plan for retirement. This is unlike some events where there’s a PowerPoint slide with projections and data that’s going to glaze your eyes over, bore you, and wish that the dinner rolls were in front of you.

Again, this is not an opportunity for us to throw some Magic Bullet at you. It’s not an opportunity for us to pressure you. It’s an opportunity for you to get an education around the questions that you are concerned about so that you’re as prepared as possible. We’ll give you an opportunity to come in and have a complimentary consultation with one of our financial advisors to be more specific about the questions that are on your mind, and maybe some of the questions you didn’t even think of before you came.

Information presented in our podcasts is considered current as of the created date. Over time, some information presented may become stale. We recommend you consult with your Financial Professional before making any changes based on information contained here.

Johnson Brunetti is a marketing name for the businesses of JB Capital and JN Financial.

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