Retirement Planning Books

The Money Map

In This book, Joel Johnson, CFP® answers: What’s wrong with Wall Street, Why mutual funds are rarely the solution, Who your broker really works for, Why investors are leaving the big brokerage firms in big numbers, and more!


The People’s Retirement Handbook

In The People’s Retirement Handbook, Joel Johnson, CFP® draws on decades of experience in financial planning and real-life stories to offer practical guidance on preparing for retirement. Focusing on three essential concerns—fears, dreams, and obstacles—Joel walks you through everything from retirement income to types of accounts, insurance, investment, estate planning, and even how to talk to your family about spending, saving, and debt. Everyone’s finances are different, and everyone’s financial plan should be, too. With The People’s Retirement Handbook, you’ll unlock the secrets to making your personal goals for the future a reality.

The Wealthy Think Differently

In this book, Joel Johnson, CFP® talks about how to discover, and challenge your financial philosophy. By adopting the mindset of the wealthy, you work towards establishing peace and harmony in your financial life.


Forced to Retire

Planning for retirement can be stressful – even in the best of circumstances when you’ve had time to prepare and make arrangements. However, when you’re being forced to retire, it makes the process that much more stressful. In this book, Joel Johnson, CFP® talks about the 7 decisions you need to make if you’ve been forced to retire.

The Ultimate 401(k) Guide

The most widely-held investment in the United States is the employer-sponsored plan, typically in the form of the 401(k). Americans save into it diligently for decades, yet as they approach their retirement, most people are not aware of the many options available to them both before and after they retire. The goal of this book by Eric Hogarth, CFP® is to guide you through the many options you have with your 401(k) and to provide you with the clarity you need to make the important decisions that will provide the foundation for you and your family’s financial future.